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Running a business requires structure and detailed planning to avoid future financial and legal issues that could damage what you’ve worked so hard to build. At The Payne Law Group, our business law attorneys in Bryan, Texas have decades of experience in helping clients achieve both their short- and long-term goals for their businesses. We can help you protect your assets from potential business debts, maximize your income, and make sure your business complies with the various state, federal, and local laws governing your industry, including employment law questions and concerns. Your business’s bright future begins with a phone call.

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Our Business-Related Legal Services

Starting a business is more complicated than many people think, especially when it comes to deciding what kind of business entity you want to create and how to structure it in compliance with regulations and tax implications. Our team is well-versed in business formation and can educate you on the various types of business entities, as well as recommend the right type to help you achieve your goals.

We have decades of experience helping clients who run the following types of businesses:

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Corporations
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Professional corporations
  • Professional Associations
  • Professional Limited Liability Companies
  • General partnerships
  • Joint ventures

We can help you with any business-related matter, from creating your new business entity and drafting contracts to setting up employment contracts, rules, and regulations. Contracts are crucial in minimizing the likelihood of litigation with employees and other businesses, and it is much better to spend the time to get everything set up correctly than it is to wait until things go wrong to get a lawyer involved.

However, if you get in a situation where you need to defend yourself or your business, we provide dedicated litigation services. You can trust us to fight for you and protect your reputation.

Your Business Formation Options

There are various business formation structures that come with their own advantages and disadvantages. When you call us for a free consultation, we can determine your needs and provide you with options to structure your business in the most beneficial way.

Some of the most common business structures include:

  • General partnership: In this partnership, you own the business along with one or more people or entities, all of whom are considered partners. All partners share in the profits and losses of the business. Personal assets could be at risk in this structure.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): This is similar to a general partnership, but the profits and liabilities a partner faces are limited to the amount they’ve invested into the business.
  • Joint venture: A joint venture is similar to a general partnership but is limited in time, usually to one specific project.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): This kind of business often offers the most optimal tax and liability advantages that corporations and partnerships enjoy. In an LLC, personal assets are protected from business debts, and the business is taxed as if it were a partnership. LLCs must file articles of organization with the state.
  • Sole proprietorship: The most common business structure type, sole proprietorships involve business that are owned and operated by one person, which may be the best option for those seeking to have complete control of their business. However, these are not separate entities, which means your business expenses and personal income are filed on your own personal tax return. Sole proprietors are liable for any business debt and losses, which means your assets are at risk.

Our Bryan, Texas business law attorneys are dedicated to helping you and your business succeed. Call us for trusted counsel at (979) 300-7406; we can draft your contracts and incorporate your business with ease.