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There’s an impending crisis in the trucking industry. Experienced truckers are retiring, and new drivers aren’t filling their place. At present, the trucking industry needs 80,000 drivers to fulfill all their orders. Some estimates suggest that number could double in over the next five years.

That raises a fascinating question. If there might be fewer truckers in the coming decade, why would there be more truck crashes?

A Lack of Experience

As we discussed previously, new truckers may not have the training they need to drive safely. Every few years, the requirements to earn a commercial driver’s license (CDL) become weaker and weaker. New drivers arent’ getting a strong grasp of the basics before they’re sent out onto busy streets or long, cross-country hauls.

The proof is in the numbers. Truck accidents are becoming more common and more fatal, increasing by 20% over the last decade. With even fewer experienced drivers on the road, it seems these numbers could continue upward over the next decade.

High Turnovers

An extremely high turnover rate is one of the most significant factors driving lobbyists to push for CDL requirement changes. Not only are there not enough truckers, but new truck drivers who just earned their license rarely stay in the same job for more than a year. At present, the turnover rate for truck drivers hovers between 96-98%.

The trucking industry is in crisis. Problems with truckers and logistics are snowballing, each element making the overall situation worse. If nothing changes in the trucking industry, we may see even more driver errors, more crashes, and more fatalities in the coming years.

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