Caught-between accidents are one of the most hazardous types of incidents on construction sites in Brazos County, often resulting in severe injuries or fatalities. These accidents occur when workers are squeezed, caught, or crushed between two or more objects, such as heavy machinery and immovable structures. 

At The Payne Law Group, we understand the complexities of construction accident claims, particularly those involving caught-between accidents. We empathize with the profound impact these incidents can have on workers and their families. 

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What Are Caught-Between Accidents?

Caught-between accidents occur at construction sites when workers are injured by being compressed or crushed between two objects. These accidents can be catastrophic and include scenarios such as:

  • Equipment and fixed objects: Workers can become trapped between heavy machinery and a stationary item, such as a wall or another piece of equipment.
  • Collapsing materials: Materials such as walls or stacks of items collapse, trapping a worker in between.
  • Trench/excavation collapses: Workers are caught between collapsing earthen materials in trenches or excavations that have not been adequately secured.

These accidents often lead to severe injuries or fatalities, highlighting the need for strict adherence to safety protocols. 

The Payne Law Group specializes in providing legal assistance to those who have suffered from caught-between accidents, helping them pursue compensation for their recovery and future security. Once you become our client, you will have comfort in knowing our legal team is in your corner. 

Common Causes of Caught-Between Accidents

Caught-between accidents on construction sites can be caused by several factors, often from lapses in safety protocols or equipment malfunctions. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Inadequate safety measures: Failure to implement or adhere to comprehensive safety standards and precautions, such as proper locking of equipment.
  • Equipment malfunction: Machinery that operates unpredictably or fails due to poor maintenance can trap workers between parts or against other objects.
  • Improper training: Lack of proper training for workers handling heavy machinery or working in potentially dangerous environments increases the risk of accidents.
  • Poor site management involves inefficient organization of the construction site, which can lead to hazardous conditions where materials or machinery are improperly placed.

Our Bryan construction accident attorneys will work strategically to determine the causes of your caught-between accident and help you navigate the complex process of seeking rightful compensation.

Injuries Resulting From Caught-Between Accidents

Caught-between accidents on construction sites are hazardous and can lead to severe, often life-altering injuries. Some of the most common injuries associated with these incidents include:

  • Crush injuries: These occur when part of the body is squeezed between two heavy objects, potentially damaging muscles and internal organs.
  • Amputations: Limbs or digits may be severed or so severely damaged that surgical amputation becomes necessary.
  • Broken bones: The extreme force involved in caught-between accidents often results in fractures.
  • Compression asphyxia: This severe condition can occur if the chest or abdomen is compressed, restricting breathing and blood flow.

These injuries require immediate medical attention and can have long-lasting impacts on a person’s health and ability to work.

How We Can Help

Construction workers injured in caught-between accidents have specific legal rights that enable them to seek compensation beyond the basic provisions of workers’ compensation. These rights allow for the pursuit of damages from third parties, such as equipment manufacturers or other contractors who may share responsibility for the unsafe conditions that led to the accident. Notably, third-party claims can provide additional compensation for pain and suffering, lost future earnings, and other damages.

At the Payne Law Group, we have a proud history of advocating for the rights of construction accident victims in Bryan, College Station, and all of Brazos County. If you or a loved one has been involved in a caught-between accident on a construction site, we will provide compassionate, effective representation and dependable service. 

Trust us to leave no stone unturned in investigating your case, identifying all potential sources of liability, and aggressively pursuing the maximum compensation possible. Above all, we will provide you with the comprehensive legal support you need to secure a just outcome and recover from your injuries. 

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