Fracking, a common practice in Brazos County, has boosted local energy production but increased the risk of accidents. These incidents can lead to severe injuries from equipment malfunctions or chemical exposures, impacting not only workers but also the surrounding community. If you’ve been injured in a fracking accident, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to protect your rights. 

At The Payne Law Group, we recognize your challenges after a fracking accident and will provide compassionate, effective representation when you need it the most. Our team has the expertise to navigate complex environmental and personal injury laws, hold responsible parties accountable, and protect your rights. Above all, our team is dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Fracking Poses Risks to the Brazos County Community

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, is a technique for extracting oil and natural gas from underground rock formations. This process involves injecting high-pressure fluid into the ground to fracture the rock and release the trapped hydrocarbons.  

While fracking has significantly increased energy production, it also poses substantial risks, such as:

  • Chemical exposure: Workers handling fracking fluids may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, leading to serious health issues such as respiratory problems and skin irritation.
  • Equipment failures: The high pressure in fracking can lead to equipment malfunctions, resulting in explosions or blowouts that endanger workers and nearby residents.
  • Environmental hazards: Fracking fluid leaks and spills can contaminate local water sources, and the process can also trigger seismic activity.

At The Payne Law Group, we are dedicated to addressing the repercussions, promoting safer practices, and protecting workers and the Brazos County community from fracking accidents.

Common Causes of Fracking Accidents

Fracking accidents are often complex events with multiple contributing factors, including:

  • Equipment malfunction: The intense pressure and corrosive chemicals used in fracking often lead to equipment failures, which can cause explosions or leaks.
  • Human error: Mistakes in handling machinery or chemicals, often due to inadequate training or oversight, can lead to accidents.
  • Improper maintenance: Neglecting regular maintenance of the fracking equipment can increase the risk of malfunctions and failures.
  • Violation of safety protocols: Ignoring established safety standards and protocols, whether due to negligence or intentional corner-cutting, can lead to serious accidents.

At Payne Law Group, we leverage our understanding of safety and maintenance protocols to build compelling injury claims and hold responsible parties accountable for fracking accidents.

The Impact of Fracking Accidents

Fracking accidents can have devastating impacts, affecting workers, local communities, and the environment, depending on the nature and severity of the accident:

  • Physical injuries: Workers may suffer from burns, fractures, or chemical burns due to explosions or direct contact with hazardous substances.
  • Health issues: Long-term exposure to fracking chemicals can lead to chronic health problems, including respiratory disorders and skin conditions. Nearby residents may also suffer from similar health issues due to environmental contamination.
  • Environmental damage: Spills and leaks can contaminate soil and water sources, leading to long-lasting ecological damage and affecting local wildlife and agriculture.

The aftermath of these accidents often requires significant financial resources for medical treatment, environmental cleanup, and compensation for injured parties. The Payne Law Group fights to help clients receive the necessary compensation to address these comprehensive challenges.

How Our Firm Can Help

At Payne Law Group, we have a well-deserved reputation as dedicated advocates of workers injured in fracking accidents and residents impacted by environmental fallout. 

When you consult with us, we will explore the available options for compensation for injuries, health issues, and property damage through various legal avenues, including workers’ compensation and personal injury lawsuits against responsible parties. 

Let our fracking accident attorneys handle all the legal details so you can focus on healing. We will:

  • We are diligently investigating the fracking accident to identify all liable parties and the underlying causes.
  • Collaborate with medical professionals and environmental experts to substantiate the extent of harm and the required remediation.
  • Negotiating or litigating secure compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and necessary environmental restoration.

With Payne Law Group, you gain a partner committed to achieving the justice and compensation you deserve for the losses endured.

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